Barlocco Beach Cleans

The local beach cleaning has been going on over the weekend. All three areas have had their rubbish accumulated into piles that now need to be transported up to the skip. These are shown by the green blobs on the map below. We will be having another session this afternoon from 2 p.m. I’ll take along a wheelbarrow.

Area 1 would be best for use of a quad bike and trailer to get the items up to the road and along to the skip.

Area 2 has the most rubbish, with 3 separate piles that need to be moved up to the skip. These items can be moved manually, by wheelbarrow and/or quad bike/trailer.

Area 3 has a smaller pile of items that need to be taken up to the roadside. This route is probably best served by wheelbarrow and manual transportation. From the roadside we can shuttle the stuff along the road by car.