Borgue Field Names with big map

The Borgue PLACE (People, Landscape, Art, Culture and Environment) Project has been running for a couple of years and has been collecting information about the origins of the names of landscape features in the area. Some of these features such as hills, rivers and settlement have names that go back hundreds of years and show the influence of different cultures over time. A selection of these names and their place in the landscape have been captured in a set of aerial videos created by Calum Ansell. We have also been looking at the names given to farm fields and these show even more variation in their origins. Some are based on land forms or farming usage while others are given names that are more personal to the farming families involved. Farmers, landowners and farm workers were contacted to gather information about the names of individual fields in the Borgue area. A map has been created that shows the field names but we still have some gaps where we would like to fill in the names and their origins.

An analysis of the origin of local place names is being made by Alan James and Michael Ansell. This information will be published on this web site when it is completed. The place and field name information is being digitised and will soon be available for viewing on an interactive map.

Please take a look at the map below and let us know if you can provide any additional information about the field names shown or the names of fields in the pink areas where we have not been able to find any information.

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Map copyright © Ordnance Survey

The images below are close-ups of the areas where we have not been able to find field names. If you know the names of any of the fields marked in pink, please send us some comments using the form at the bottom of the page.

Fields around Glenterry, between the A755 and the A75
Mill of Plunton fields
Gledpark fields
Earlston fields
Carleton Farm field near Blackbriggs
Field at High Nunton
Field at Clauchendolly
Narrow strip fields near Tonguecroft
Field at Aird’s Bay (Sandgreen), part of Boreland of Girthon