Cushie Wood

This field encloses Drummore Hill, (a name derived from the Gaelic druim mòr meaning big ridge), but the field is known as Cushie Wood. A copse is marked on the hilltop on old maps and is an example of a field-name identifying a historic landscape feature. The woodland appears to have been felled about 100 years ago.

Cushat or cushie-doo is a Scots word for a wood pigeon and in this field-name has been reduced to Cushie. Presumably the woodland was the haunt of this common wild bird that no doubt was a valuable ingredient for the farm kitchen.

Other field names referring to wildlife include Eel Park, Hare Field, Peewit Bog, Todholes and Weasel Wood Field.

This information was gathered as part of the PLACE in the Biosphere project. Click on the links to visit their web site and blog.

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