Fort Field

The remains of Castle Haven Dun sit on a rocky point on the south side of Fort Field. The field is named after this fortified homestead occupied from about 2,000 years ago.

It is known locally as ‘The Borg’, a place name derived from an Old Norse word for fort. The structure you see today was excavated and partly reconstructed in 1905 by James Brown, the owner of Knockbrex Estate and antiquarian. The excavations revealed the footprint of the structure and the restoration faithfully followed the plan and incorporated the unearthed walls which stood up to 1.4 meters high. What you see today is the product of an enthusiastic antiquarian combined with the skills of local drystone dykers.

James Brown was also responsible for the tower on the skyline which is part of the Corseyard Model Dairy. It has recently been converted into holiday accommodation and is locally known as Coo Palace.

This information was gathered as part of the PLACE in the Biosphere project. Click on the links to visit their web site and blog.

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