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John Shields

From David Devereux – 30 June 2020

Thanks for pointing out Carnellan. It also appears on Ainslie’s county map of 1797 (but he may have simply Gillone’s Kirkcudbright map?) but not on Roy’s survey or on the 1st ed. OS as you say. So far I haven’t been able to find any further reference to it in documentary sources – no mention in the 1819 valuation roll – so it’s a bit of a mystery. The site of Carnellan may be occupied now by the walled garden for Cumstoun (NX 684 536), dated to the early C19th, and almost certainly related to the building of the mansion in 1828, after the Maitland family acquired the estate c.1819 (see John Gifford). So that might be the time when Carnellan disappeared. I’ll keep looking for any other references to the place.

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