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John Shields

From Alan James – 30 June 2020

Yes, there seems to be no trace of Carnellan post-Gillone.

The name is intriguing, the closest hint I can find is the name McGillelan mentioned by Watson CPNS 164 as ‘chief of Clan Connan in Galloway in the reign of David II’.

Now he’s Mac Gille Fhaolain, and (one of the numerous saints named) Fáelán was the dedicatee of Kilfillan in Sorbie (Watson has ‘Kilphillan in Wigtown’),

and ‘probably’ commemorated at Airyolland x2 in Glenluce and Mochrum, and Ernfillan in Crossmichael, see

This Carnellan might be added, at least as ‘possibly’? Mind, as the name means ‘little wolf’, *carn an fhaolain might have meant literally that.

I’ve copied Gilbert back into the discussion, his opinion would be helpful.

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