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John Shields

From Nic Coombey – 1 May 2020

Hello Alan and David

a couple of observations:

There is an additional likely ancient stone fishtrap at Goatwell Bay which is marked on the early 1800s fishtrap map of Kirkcudbright Bay as ‘old stone yair’ (the same name given to the one at Devil’s Thrashing Floor) and can still be seen at low tide – see OS map attached.

Goat Well Bay

I do not believe that sea levels have changed much over the last 2,000 years in Brighouse Bay although the sand within the bay changes with every storm event. Shell middens revealed in the sand dunes at Brighouse Bay by construction of gas pipeline were dated as 2,000 years old, (an iron spear head and mould for a counterfeit Roman coin). Mostly periwinkle shells in the middens and no fish bones were found / identified.  See archaeology report;