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John Shields

From Michael Ansell – 25 July 2020

Thanks Alan, jolly interesting. Teasair would probably end up being pronounced like Teazer after anglicisation in my view, more so than taibhsear?. Maybe it’s the messenger knowe where they were stationed between the two Cnoc Timchill stations prior to the tainchel setting off for the Càrnas Mòr hunting country? (ie making sure everyone knew where they were going!) I wonder if this knowe is intervisible between the tainchel stations?

On the map it looks like a distinct hill just across the Water of Fleet from Knocktinkle West and some kind of earthwork/castle and near Stroquhain’s Pool (interesting, presumably personal name?).

Going back to your boundary point, maybe the crìoch from Pulcree is perpetuated in the farm name Low Creoch as well?

Incidentally I see there’s a burn on Low Creoch called Tanniefad, presumably An Tamhnach Fad’, probably the origin of the Tannie Fauld field name.

Kind Regards