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John Shields

From Alan James – 25 July 2020

It’s hard to find anything else, though I’m very cautious of such notions. Taibhse is from OIr taidbsiu, verbal noun from do-adbat ‘appears’, so essentialy an appearance, manifestation, but it comes to be used for dreams, visions etc., and for things seen in them, and so ghosts and suchlike. A taibhsear (Ir taidhbhsear) is someone who ‘sees things’. I don’t know much about local folklore, others may be able to say whether there are tales involving second sight in Galloway, I wouldn’t be suprised. They’re of course common in the Highlands and (especially) Islands, the combined powers of Covenanting Calvinism and Enlightened Rationalism may not have extinguished them in our region entirely. It strikes me as a gift of doubtful value, foreseeing that someone is going to die in a certain place and/or situation, but often not knowing exactly who, and not usually being able to do much about it anyway!

The only other possibility that I can see in Dwelly is teasair ‘messenger’, from Armstrong’s (mainly Perths) Dictionary, but otherwise elusive.

We’re all doomed …


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