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John Shields

From Gilbert ?? – 8 August 2020

Just a couple of thoughts.

But Nay could be but an eich ‘horse’s butt’ – in the land-holding sense rather than the anatomical!

Shed Field.  There is Sc shed, shod, shad  ‘a strip of land, a separate piece of ground’.  One of that nice range of words cognate with scissors, schizomenos, scindo, schizophrenia, shit …. all to do with dividing or separating.


My suggestion of faithche/faiche for Fominoch is given with great hesitation – see the note under that name, which is really to say that I doubt it, but one has to make the occasional nod towards Herbert Maxwell (who turns out to have been yet another relations, by marriage, of my wife Rachel) if he says something that isn’t too fa-fetched an one can’t think of anything better.

All the best