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John Shields

From Alan James – 18 June 2020

Good morning folks!

It’s dawned on me this morning that while working on Southpark, in a senior moment, I forgot that I’d already grappled with Graplin while dealing with the field so-named on neighbouringBrighouse land, and had come up with another, equally tentative, possibility. I attach a revised version of my notes, incorporating both suggestions (and have amended my Brighouse notes using the same text).


Incidentally, anent ‘Hospital Field’ here and at Greenslack (and I recall Mike mentioning Gaelic equivalents), I happened to read yesterday of ‘caeau ysbyty’ in Wales: according to ‘Plant Life’ such fields are ‘herb-rich … full of naturally occurring species that contain higher levels of micro-nutrients, minerals and medicinal ingredients than those found in agriculturally “improved” pasture …. Traditionally, sick … animals would be taken to these fields to recover …’ Being of a sceptical disposition, I take that with a pinch of micro-nutrients, proximity to the farmhouse might have had something to do with it, but it’s an interesting suggestion.

All the best