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John Shields

From Nic Coombey/David Steel – 22 May 2020

Hello Rachel

here is the reply from David Steel. I guess you have already spoken to David Austin. I will have a look though my Cally file but don’t remember anything about Sandgreen.


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Hi Nic

The Gatehouse Folk web site has information on the 1934 proposal for a golf course at Sandgreen.  R S Glover built the house at Rough Point about 1911.  I have not looked at the feu charter for this house which should be in the Cally cartulary in the Stewartry museum and might give an earlier name.  The Golf plan shows that the adjacent lands were on Boreland farm.  You will recall that Cally mains had a map of their field names.  Maybe the Austins at Boreland of Girthon have an old map.

I was wondering if Castle Haven had been scythed.  I could go down there if necessary after next Friday.