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John Shields

From Rachel Lucas/Alan James – 21 May 2020

Yes in high Victorian and Edwardian times, even after they’d given up Cally Palace, the Murrays (-Stewart, -Baillie, -Usher) kept up the grounds as what must have been very pleasant parkland for themselves, their visitors and favoured tenants to enjoy, and Sandgreen seems to have been maintained as a bathing place (I suppose like the one at Knockbrex). I don’t know when the caravan and holiday cottage site began, when social distancing allows I’ll ask my neighbours, the Keatings (Geoff used to keep his yacht there) or David Steel; Nic may well know. I think probably in the early 1980s, when the bypass was built, and the younger M-Us were going their separate ways.



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I didn’t know that!  But that explains the bathing hut at the northern end of the beach.  Must have been idyllic.  I don’t know when the campsite was developed, was it the same time as at Carrick?