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John Shields

From Alan James – 19 May 2020

It is a curious feature, I think the L-shaped embankment pretty surely pre-dates the ‘improvement’ enclosures. The hatching on the OS map I think indicates marshy grassland, wetter than the rough grassland shown in Barney field. However, on the satellite image there seems to be a scattering of stones – as also in the little triangle alongside the burn to the west, which is similarly hatched on the map. The watercourse along the west side had evidently been straightened prior to the 1850 survey. I suppose there might have been a pond or dam here, though there’s no sign of any mill site downstream to where the burn joins the Burnyard Burn at Tongue Croft. Possibly even a medieval fish-pond. It doesn’t seem to be on Canmore. Maybe David Devereux would have some ideas.

Incidentally, have you ascertained whether Barney is stressed on the first syllable or the second?