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John Shields

From Rachel Lucas – 4 May 2020


I’ve been re-reading all these emails, what a huge amount of information to take on.

Please could someone tell me why does the name Hac Noose refer to a field which is at the head of the bay, some way from the fish trap, and not one of the fields right next to it? (Rockvale Field & Brighouse Field). Surely you would name the field after the nearest feature?

The last ship to use the jetty at Brighouse Bay was in 1947.  A coal ship came with fuel for the village.  On the aerial photo taken in 1968, you can see the remains of a feature next to the jetty.  I thought it was part of the jetty, but one person speculated that it was a sea-water swimming pool, but I’ve not heard anyone else verify this, or indeed give me some other explanation of it.


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