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John Shields

From David Devereux – 6 May 2020

Hi Rachel

Thank you for sending the 1968 aerial view photo. As I understand it,  what you refer to on the photo as the jetty is actually a breakwater and the remains of the feature next to it is an ‘L’ shape quay, partly forming a harbour basin.  In the 1890s there was also a jetty (presumably wooden) projecting from the breakwater, see OS 25″ OS plan attached. I don’t know when this was removed. See also attached a Christmas card reproduction of a sketch of the harbour by the Kirkcudbright artist Ann Dallas. This shows dinghies in the harbour and people of the quay. The sketch probably dates to the 1960s; David Collin has identified the sailing dinghies as GP fourteens as used by the Kbt Sailing Club after 1957.