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John Shields

From Alan James – 4 May 2020

Yes, the vb. is cited in DIL as OIr claidid (3rd sg), in Dwelly as cladhaich (root form), a’cladh(ach)ach, Dinneen as cladhaim (1st sg.), and Cregeen as cleigh or cleiy (3rd sg.).

Kelly lists no less than 17 ‘Cleigh’ names on IoM, translating it as ‘hedge’. plus Cool Cleigh ‘corner of the fence’, Faaie Cleigh ‘hedge flat’, and Shen Chleigh ‘old hedge’.

I suppose the ‘graveyard’ sense of cladh might have been imaginatively applied here but I remain doubtful about cladh in any of its meaings being involved.