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John Shields

From Michael Ansell – 9 October 2020

Good afternoon Alan, thanks very much for the analysis of this interesting set of names. A couple of comments:

Cannigeesie. This seems to me to be Galloway’s version of Kingussie near Aviemore from Ceann a’ Ghùithsaich, ‘head of the pine wood’, the specific incorporating the same element as in the three Loch Goosey/Goosie place-names. In the loch place-names I imagine bog-pine being eroded from the peat edges at the shore line is what is being referred to. It would be interesting to ask Jean if there are any pines in the vicinity (granny pines can last several hundred years). Against this is the notion that pine is not really native to Galloway after the climate deteriorated 4000 years ago, if we accept that then this place may also have featured pine stumps submerged in peat.

Daffin. In plotting peighinn place-names on the map that John and I have been working on I (eventually) took the line that to qualify as a peighinn there had to be some evidence of a farm or other rural settlement (now or in the past). This enabled me to more objectively sort out examples that might be confused with your Scots element mentioned or potentially Brittonic pen (there are one or two odd potential peighinn seeming place-names in Carrick on hilltops which might be better considered Brittonic in origin). So I have put this Daffin in the ‘pending’ category.

Kind Regards