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The map can store information in your web browser to remember your map settings for next time you visit. No personal data are stored or shared with any other applications.


Welcome to the Galloway Glens Place Names Map

This map shows the place name information collected in the Galloway Glens Place Names project.

Map Controls

You can move the map around by clicking and dragging it with your mouse. You can zoom in or out of the map using your mouse scroll wheel or pinching the display on a tablet device.

At the top of the control panel, you can choose to display an underlying base map in one of seven different styles. These are:

Aerial A satellite photo view
Ordnance Survey The Ordnance Survey Explorer (1:25,000) or Land Ranger (1:50,000) maps
Road A standard road map
Open Street Map Mapping from the Open Street Map project
Terrain Terrain shading from Stamen mapping
Water Colour Watercolour background map from Stamen mapping

There are two slider controls. The upper one controls the map zoom level. For finer control over the map zoom, click on the zoom slider, then use the up/down or left/right arrow keys on your keyboard to zoom the map in small increments. The lower slider controls the opacity of the base map. Move the slider to the left and the map is transparent; move the slider to the right and the map is opaque.

The map shows a compass rose, a scale line and a legend that explains the meaning of symbols on the map. These items can be moved around by clicking and dragging them.

Your settings and selection of map position and zoom level are remembered and stored in your web browser so that the map will appear in the same state the next time you visit the site.

As you move your mouse or pointer device around the map, the names of places will be displayed as you move over the data points. If you click on one of the place name data points you will see a window that displays more information about the point. The detail information is retrieved from the Galloway Glens database server so it may sometimes take a few seconds to load.


You can type characters into the search field at the bottom of the control panel. As you type, a list of the matching items will be displayed. If you click on one of the items in the list, the map will zoom in to its position on the map.


If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for additional information to be shown on the map, please contact John Shields.