Operation Tub Photos

The closure of all gatherings due to the Corona virus, COVID-19, meant that the Borgue Horticultural Society’s 2020 Flower Show was cancelled. Initiated in 1865, it was a great disappointment to villagers not to be able to participate in this annual event. So the Society’s Secretary, Jo Mercer came up with the idea of ‘Operation Tub’. She enlisted the help of Sarah Campbell, Janet Jones and Fiona Procter to provide a tub, some manure and some seedlings for all who wanted to participate in this venture  As a result over 50 tubs began to appear outside gardens and at road ends despite initial worries that the floral arrangements would be eaten by snails, rabbits and deer. All took great pride in decorating and maintaining their tubs over the summer and the whole village benefitted from the colourful displays of flowers and vegetables. Here is a record taken at the end of August and beginning of September of some of the tubs.