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Local Place Plans are a way for communities, working with local authorities and other public sector organisations, to bring forward proposals that reflect National and Local Outcomes. Also, by reflecting those wider policies and plans in Local Place Plans, communities should find it easier to make change happen. In addition, the Place Principle promotes a shared understanding of place, and the need to take a more collaborative approach to a place’s services and assets to achieve better outcomes for people and communities. The Place Principle requests that all those responsible for providing services and looking after assets in a place need to work and plan together, and with local communities, to improve the lives of people, support inclusive and sustainable economic growth and create more successful places.

This site will be updated as the local place plan progresses. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to send in your ideas or to let us know if you would like to join the team developing the Borgue Place Plan. You can also send us some more detailed ideas and comments by filling in our questionnaire.

Place Plan Team

The Borgue Local Place Plan is being prepared by a group of local residents. It is not a Borgue Community Council project, although there are some people in the team that are members of both groups. The current members are:

Angela Metcalfe, Rachel Lucas, Kevin Evans, Rob Linden, Robert Maitland, Richard Ryall and John Shields

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