Tank/Twelve Acre

Fields are often named after a distinguishing feature on the farm and the field named Tank (left of drystone dyke) is has a brick-built water reservoir within its boundaries. It is a common name with 5 other farms in the area having a Tank Field. This field has a long stretch of level ground which is unusual in an area where the land is characterised by its undulating landscape. The field has been utilised as the home to “Borgue International Airport”.

The area, size, shape, and distance from the farm are all common ways of naming fields. Although most fields named after their area do reflect their actual acreage, such as this field named Twelve Acre (right of drystone dyke), this is not always the case. A field named Twenty-one Acre is in fact 33 acres and is an example where a dividing boundary has been removed but the old name of one of the fields has stuck for the now enlarged field.

This information was gathered as part of the PLACE in the Biosphere project. Click on the links to visit their web site and blog.

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