Castle Haven

Castle Haven from the beach

This remarkable monument is the remains of a fortified homestead occupied from about 2,000 years ago. The D-shaped fort or dun has very thick walls with passages or galleries. This galleried dun is unique in Galloway,  although similar galleried duns are found in Argyll and the Western Isles.

The structure you see today was excavated and partly reconstructed in 1905 by James Brown, the owner of Knockbrex Estate and antiquarian. The excavations revealed the footprint of the structure and the restoration faithfully followed the plan and incorporated the unearthed walls which stood up to 1.4 meters high. What you see today is the product of an enthusiastic antiquarian combined with the skills of local drystone dykers. Artefacts found during the excavations included bronze finger rings, indicating sophisticated iron-age origins, and pieces of chain mail and a brooch suggesting occupation in the medieval period.