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John Shields

From Alan James – 1 May 2020

Maase is in Cregeen’s Fockleyr ny Gaelgey (1835), ‘cattle, kine’. Also, with the same meanings in Phil Kelly’s 1993 update of D.C. Fargher’s Fockleyr Gaelg-Baarle.

Balley Vaish in German is listed in Phil Kelly’s Enmyn Ynnyd, presumably that’s GB’s Ballavaish. Nothing closer to Ballavaase, though there’s Cronk y Vaase ‘hill of the cattle’ in Patrick. Kelly also

has Maase as ‘great ridge’ as in German, Maase Beg ‘little ridge’ in Andreas and Bride, and Poyll Vaaish as ‘pool of death’ in Arobory.

I’ll think further about Tannynaas.