Castle Haven in 3D


Aerial filming has been used to create a virtual impression of an iron age galleried dun on the Borgue coast. Castle Haven was excavated by enthusiastic archaeologist, James Brown, who used the remains as a template to partly reconstructed the structure in the early 1900s. Identified by the Borgue community as an ancient monument that would benefit from some maintenance volunteers cleared undergrowth from the central area of the structure to reveal the extent of the castle for all to see.

Film maker, Calum Ansell, used drone footage to recreate the stone structure often likened to brochs found in the north of Scotland. No one knows for sure what Castle Haven would have looked like but using the most up to date technology this Virtual Reeconstruction provides an immersive experience of how it may have been to live on the Borgue coast 2,000 years ago.

Click here to see the 3D reconstruction and virtual reality presentation

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