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    John Shields

    From Alan James – 8 December 2020

    Good day everyone

    I’ve added a few notes on the 1780 map at the end of my earlier ones on Blackcraig, attached.

    I’m as baffled as Rachel is by the letters N, T, E, but my hunch is that, not long before the enclosures shown on that map, much of what became Black Craig (sic) farm was a large cattle park for herds being fattened for the droves, divided by the enclosures into ‘modern’ fields. And before that, it could have been common pasture of Borgue parish, used mainly in spring and autumn before/ after the livestock were driven up the road to summer pasture ‘on the hill’ above Boreland and High Borgue.

    I’ll give thought to Laigh Borgue/ Borgue House anon, it looks a bit more complicated.

    All the best


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