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    John Shields

    Hi Michael and Alan,

    Any ideas about the derivation of “Crawhengan Point”? It is the headland on the west side of Kirkandrews Bay, opposite Meggerland Point.



    John Shields

    From Michael Ansell – 21 May 2020

    Good afternoon John, not sure if Alan has dealt with this one but at first glance looks to me as though it might contain G crò in the sense of ‘eye of the needle’ + seangan, ostensibly ‘ant’ from such an animal’s narrow waist but which can mean thin/narrow (I think). Is there a rock formation like this in the vicinity?

    If not could be crò-sheangan, ant-fold?

    Kind Regards


    John Shields

    From Alan James – 21 May 2020

    I agree, it’s likely to be crò-sheangan. Both words can mean ‘a narrow place’, of cró DIL says ‘A term of very wide application, the basic meaning being enclosure, enclosed space, fold, pen, etc.’; while seangán is primarily just ‘a little narrow thing’, so ‘a creature with a thin waist’. I think here it’s just ‘tight place of (the) narrows’. The entrance to the eastern arm of Kirkandrews Bay is indeed narrow, I think the name is a warning to sailors that getting into here means navigating between a rock and a hard place!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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