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    John Shields

    From Alan James – 19 June 2020

    Herewith notes on Standingstone.

    I think that completes all the farms within Borgue parish whose field-names Rachel has sent my way, though I still have some in the neighbouring part of Girthon – Townhead (now with Littleton), Enrick, Cally Mains, Rainton (already done), Boreland of Girthon, and at least part of Clauchan of Girthon, with Carrick. Also Ingliston in Twynholm.

    Information and observations will be welcome as ever.

    All the best


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    John Shields

    From Michael Ansell…

    Good evening Alan, many thanks for this, interesting as ever. just one thought on Tower. There is a farm just outside Dalry called Tower, earlier Towy on Blaeu (mis-spelling?) and a Knocktower near Parton.

    Might not these be from An Todhar/Cnoc Todhair, the bleaching green/bleaching green knoll?

    Gilbert is evidently puzzled by the Tower names and considers G tùr in respect of Knocktower but in none of these examples is anything resembling a tower to be seen. Topographical imaginings of towers masquerading as inconspicuous knolls don’t really work.

    So I’d say a bleaching green is a possibility for a farm field-name.

    Kind Regards


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    John Shields

    From Alan James – 19 Jun 2020

    It’s an interesting idea Mike. I don’t know much about bleaching greens, but I gather they were normally close to settlements – villages, big houses, farms etc. – in sunny, well-sheltered sites. The location of that lonely pair of fields on Moor Hill and Moss Nae (on the summit of the high ridge between the Tarff and Fleet catchments, always the windiest stretch on the A75 between Gatehouse and CD and the first to catch snow), is about as unlikely a spot for one as could be found in our area!  😊

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