Sir William Gordon

Lt. Colonel Sir William Gordon (1830-1906), was a survivor of the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava in 1854. In 1848 he entered the army as a cornet 17th. lancers and served with his regiment in the Crimea, also in India. In 1854 he was severely wounded before Sebastopol, and in 1856 was created a Knight of the Legion of Honour. In 1858 he became a major in the army, and in 1859 a major in his own regiment.

Lt. Colonel Sir William Gordon and his horse, Glaucus
Article from London Express/Dumfries Courier, October 1856
Another picture of William Gordon and Glaucus – maybe the one mentioned in the article above?

He lived at Earlston House near Borgue and is buried in the family mausoleum in Borgue church yard. Earlston House was demolished in 1954 but you can see some pictures of it on the Canmore archaeology site

The Gordon Mausoleum in Borgue church yard

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His horse, Glaucus, is commemorated with a memorial in the grounds of Earlston House.

Glaucus’ grave near Earlston House

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