Grey Squirrel Alert!

Grey Squirrel

There have been quite a few reports of grey squirrels in and around Borgue recently and these are posing a threat to the native red squirrel population. If you see any grey squirrels, please report them as detailed below:

The Borgue area is split into two at the Coo Palace, see the map at,

If anyone sees a grey squirrel, could they please report it immediately to:

Kirkcudbright area: Rob Asbridge 01557 331323

Or Gatehouse area: Peter Garson 01557 814584

There is also a website for logging sightings too,

Squirrel Pox Alert

A red squirrel infected with squirrel pox has been identified near Cardoness Castle. The disease is transmitted from grey squirrels to red squirrels and they often come into contact at squirrel feeders. Please do not put out food for squirrels if you are in an area where there are both red and grey squirrels.